Apple Tree Lane Wealth Management Expands RFG Advisory Footprint into the Southwest

Apple Tree Lane Wealth Management founded by Amy Nelson is proud to partner with the award-winning platform of RFG Advisory.

Amy has a unique back story and didn’t grow up wanting to be a Financial Advisor. A naturally creative person, she began her career as a textile artist in New York and grew her studio to more than 25 artists with clients around the globe. Marriage, a child and several cross-country moves resulted in Amy starting a fresh bread business which she grew into a nationwide vendor for Whole Foods. And for all her businesses, Amy served as CEO, sales representative, strategist, product designer and chief financial officer. Needless to say, along the way Amy gained a strong understanding of financial principles and the critical importance of financial planning to achieving success. So much so that her own financial advisor suggested she consider that as a career path herself and she did! “Like art, financial planning starts with an idea, which then becomes a goal,” said Amy. “I couldn’t be more excited about this next chapter with RFG Advisory of fulfilling my next goal of serving my clients by being fully independent.”

To partner with RFG Advisory, Amy recognized the opportunity to deliver her clients a truly differentiated experience, improved investment strategies as well as embracing a more robust and efficient practice management service model. “Entrepreneurship is woven into Amy’s core. She spent 25 years in the trenches building her companies before she became a Financial Advisor,” explained Bobby White, Founder & CEO, “Hers is a differentiated experience and her clients benefit from that perspective and expertise.”

“The touchstone for the team at Apple Tree Lane Wealth Management is to help their clients plan for a life filled with beauty,” adds RFG Advisory President Shannon Spotswood, “That is a language that isn’t traditionally spoken on Wall Street and underlines the power of independence – Advisors paint their own canvas and a firm that reflects their personality, spirit and unique value proposition.”

To learn more about Apple Tree Lane Wealth Management, please visit their website:

More About RFG

RFG Advisory is an innovator in the wealth management industry. Passionately committed to serving independent financial advisors and their clients, RFG Advisory prides itself on being a service company first, a technology company second and a hybrid-RIA third. RFG Advisory delivers a turn-key integrated platform that provides Advisors all of the tools and resources they need to be the CEO of their practice, not the COO, including turn-key technology, institutional-caliber investment management, marketing, compliance, business consulting and operational support. Focused on amplifying independence, Advisors who affiliate with RFG Advisory maintain all of the equity in their business and pay a basis point fee for access to RFG’s investment and technology platform.



Kristy Puckett

Business Development Lead, RFG Advisory

Phone: 205.218.6962


Advisory services offered by Investment Advisory Representatives of RFG Advisory, a registered investment advisor. Appletree Lane Wealth Management and RFG Advisory are unaffiliated entities.

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