What Clients Need Isn’t What They Want | Wired Advisor with Brendan Frazier

By Brendan Frazier, Chief Behavioral Officer at RFG Advisory The increased awareness and interest in behavioral finance has started to shine a light on the fact that behavioral coaching is valuable when working with clients. In fact, there have been numerous studies conducted with the goal of quantifying the value of an advisor. We’ve had […]

RFG Advisor Spotlight: Chris Wedell | Volare Wealth Advisors

For the first decade of her career, Chris Wedell didn’t think much about growth. As an independent financial advisor, Chris loved her job: she loved the freedom her independence provided, loved engaging with clients, and loved the intellectual challenge of helping people plan for retirement. “I was coasting,” says Chris. “I was happy, I was […]

Three Ways Independent Advisors Benefit from Outsourcing Investment Management

But many Advisors still fear outsourcing this central part of their business – feeling they need to keep all activities in-house to maintain control or fear that they have tied their value to their clients to this notion that they need to manage the assets in house.  This article reveals why every Advisor should consider […]

5 Subtle Signs You Are Ready to Start Your Own Advisory Business

More than 90% of Financial Advisors who go independent express no regrets about their decision,1 but the transition can be scary – and many are still waiting for the “perfect moment” to leave.  The truth is there will never be such a moment, and research shows that 36% of Advisors who transition ultimately wish they […]

4 Ways to Make Your RIA More Competitive, Right Now

Article originally published in ThinkAdvisor. 4 Ways to Make Your RIA More Competitive, Right Now The wealth management industry has enjoyed a decade of prosperity, fueled in large part by favorable macroeconomic trends and market performance. Between 2012 and 2021, global markets surged by an average of 14% a year, leading to a significant increase […]

Here Are Six Steps To Build The Ultimate Intro Meeting

By Brendan Frazier, Chief Behavioral Officer at RFG Advisory The intro meeting is the lifeblood of any advisory business. Here are six crucial steps to help you build the ultimate intro meeting: 1) Define the Purpose You first have to get really clear on why you’re even having this meeting. Answer these two questions: Here’s […]

Chase R. Crump, CFP®, Named an NFLPA Registered Player Financial Advisor

WFA – Plan | Invest |Inspire (“WFA”), is pleased to share that partner and financial guide Chase R. Crump, CFP®, has been named a Registered Player Financial Advisor by the National Football League Players Association (“NFLPA”). The NFLPA administers a program that connects qualified financial advisors with current and retired NFL players to offer money […]

Crescent Private Wealth Launches, Supported by RFG Advisory

 North Carolina team begins independent journey powered by RFG’s award-winning growth platform  BIRMINGHAM, Ala – May 2nd, 2024 — RFG Advisory (“RFG”), an innovator in the wealth management industry committed to serving independent financial advisors and their clients, today announced the launch of Crescent Private Wealth (“Crescent”), a North Carolina-based wealth management firm founded and […]

Rick Wedell’s Hot Minute with Real Assets Adviser

Real Assets Adviser’s “Hot Minute” segment quickly introduces members of the RAA community to a wider audience through a fast-paced question and answer format. This latest “Hot Minute” features Rick Wedell, chief investment officer at RFG Advisory. Tune in here to  discover Rick’s worst investment decision and dream dinner guest: Watch Here.

Asking Great Questions is a Superpower.

Asking Great Questions is a Superpower. By Brendan Frazier, Chief Behavioral Officer, RFG Advisory Skeptical? That’s totally understandable. Name a skill or technique that: Increases likability Builds instant trust Yields personal, sensitive information about someone These 3 things are crucial for anyone that works with human beings and their money. In fact, a financial advisor […]

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