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BlueBird Advisory Launches with an Eye Towards the Future

October 1, 2021

Boulder, CO – October 1st, 2021 – RFG Advisory, an innovator in the wealth management industry, is proud to announce its affiliation with BlueBird Advisory in Boulder, Colorado. Founded by veteran Advisor Peter Ruh, CEO, BlueBird Advisory has an eye for the... Continue Reading >

RFG Advisory President Shannon Spotswood Shortlisted for Women in Asset Management Award

September 2, 2021

RFG Advisory’s President Nominated Advocate of the Year in Asset/Wealth Management  BIRMINGHAM, Ala.–RFG Advisory “RFG”, an innovative and fast-growing platform for independent advisors isproud to announce that Shannon Spotswood, President, has been shortlisted for The Women in Asset Management Awards 2021 Advocate... Continue Reading >

Are You Busy, or Are You Productive? by Rick Wedell

August 16, 2021

This article is featured in the 2021 Mid-Year Outlook. All too often in this industry, Advisors are focused on things OTHER than creating value for themselves (and ultimately for their clients).  The confuse being busy with doing the work necessary to... Continue Reading >

RFG Advisory Named Finalist for 2021 Wealth Management Industry Awards for the Second Consecutive Year

August 9, 2021

Recognized in Non-Custodial RIA Support Platform Category for Become a Warrior Advisor Podcast & Support Program BIRMINGHAM, Ala.–RFG Advisory “RFG”, one of the nation’s leading and fastest-growing platforms for independent advisors, is proud to announce that for the second year in a... Continue Reading >

Planning for Real Life, Asking the Awkward Questions – Jim Sumpter

July 8, 2021

“Which one of your children would be the best at bathing you?” asks Jim Sumpter, certified financial planner and wealth manager with RFG Advisory in Birmingham, Alabama.  It’s a somewhat shocking question, but Sumpter has learned that posing provocative questions helps clients... Continue Reading >

Merging Hearts, Merging Wallets – Mark Dutram

July 7, 2021

 It’s romantic to move in together, at any age. Less romantic is merging your finances, especially if you are more financially established. A financial planner can help avoid bumps in the road when dealing with the delicate subject of how to move... Continue Reading >

The Shift From Income to High Net Worth

June 4, 2021

By Brian Swilling As a dentist, you are aware of your potential to earn a great income, but are you mindful of your ability to create generational wealth? The main difference between high-income dentists and high-net-worth dentists is often behavioral. Do you... Continue Reading >


April 26, 2021

The Biden administration is rumored to be working on legislation to increase capital gains taxes. As many savers rely on their investments to live in retirement, Rick dives into the details behind these headlines, showing you why this proposal may be a... Continue Reading >