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‘Cutting Edge or Bleeding Edge?’ at TD Ameritrade National LINC 2020

January 29, 2020

RFG President, Shannon Spotswood, will be speaking at the TD Ameritrade National LINC Conference 2020 in Orlando on January 29th as a member of the panel for the break-out session ‘Cuttting Edge or Bleeding Edge’ focused on financial technology and the future of wealth management.

The panel will include:

Shannon Spotswood, President, RFG Advisory

Joel Bruckenstein, CFP / FinTech Expert, Technology Tools for Today (T3)

Teri Shepherd, President, Carson Group

Heather Fortner, Partner, Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Operating Officer, SignatureFD

Independent RIAs come in all sizes and shapes. There are a myriad of technology options to consider when deciding how to best run your practice. Please join Joel Bruckenstein, a leader in technology-oriented consultation and your peers for a thought-provoking discussion on deciding which technology might be right for you and your firm. The session will address topics, such as:

•How should RIA firms (of any size and tech budget) approach leveraging different technologies to fit their business model?

•If you’re a smaller RIA, what technology steps need to be taken now to scale yourself for future growth?

•What are some of the strategic and tactical steps when deciding which technologies to pursue?

•How do you garner internal and external adoption for requesting technology budget dollars?

•Once a technology budget/decision is approved, how do you set your firm up for success with training, implementation and go-to-market plans?

•If things go awry during implementation, how do you know when to step back or even pull the plug altogether?

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