High wattage Shannon Spotswood starts spending Long Ridge capital on three big talents, including Abby Salameh


Featured Article by Brooke Southall, RIABiz

The president of the little-known Birmingham, Ala., advisory with $4.8 billion of AUA is using freshly raised funds to bring A-listers to the staff

Brooke’s Note: Shannon Spotswood is one of those people whom you meet and wonder why you haven’t heard of her before [I met her in Las Vegas last month]. She has the wattage, infectious enthusiasm and confidence–like a Josh Brown, Joe Duran or Elliot Weissbluth —  that strike your senses before her words fully register. But she earned it the hard way as a big-city investment banker and hedge fund analyst, before becoming a minor magnate in children’s clothing  as she raised her own kids. Only after, she took a job leading RFG – a sort of IBD for RIAs baked in with equity, coaching – and lots of positivity. Spotswood is in Birmingham, Ala., off the beaten path from New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles. But it doesn’t seem to have slowed her roll, even if it took nearly nine years to raise a pile of capital to hire national names and really crank up recruiting. I’m not surprised Eric Clarke, Joel Bruckenstein, Aaron Klein, Jud Mackrill and Stacey Havener will all join her on a Florida beach next week.

Spotswood, a former Bay-area childrens’ clothing retail entrepreneurand investment banker, took her show on the road in 2015 to Birmingham, where she’s President of a $4.8-billion RIA (hybrid)-by-1099-affiliation.

Former Orion CEO Eric Clarke; co-founder and former CEO of Nitrogen Aaron Klein and  Joel Bruckenstein, producer of the T3 Advisor Technology Conference, are all on the agenda.

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