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How Advisor Technology is Jeopardizing Its Own Future – RIA Intel

February 19, 2020

“The researcher found that of 44,055 advisor practices, representing 40% of advisor-managed assets, are only medium technology users, meaning the practices “do not use technology extensively and could be better serviced by strategic partners.”

Micheal Thrasher,

Chief Technology Officer, Matt Meineke, elaborates “As someone that addresses this issue daily, I can’t say I’m surprised at these numbers. Let us handle the API calls, so you can focus on your clients.”

This is so important to us at RFG Advisory! We have built a industry leading technology platform to our advisors, but we also understand that it is vital to provide support, training, and guidance to help advisors learn, implement, and fully utilize out technology platforms to help them build a business for the future!

Check out the full article below from RIA Intel.