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For the first decade of her career, Chris Wedell didn’t think much about growth. As an independent financial advisor, Chris loved her job: she loved the freedom her independence provided, loved engaging with clients, and loved the intellectual challenge of helping people plan for retirement.

“I was coasting,” says Chris. “I was happy, I was successful, I was helping people. I didn’t have big ideas for growing my firm or pursuing my passions.”

That changed in 2017, when Chris was first introduced to RFG Advisory president Shannon Spotswood. “I’ll never forget it,” says Chris. “If you’ve ever met Shannon, her enthusiasm just pours through the phone.”

Chris had been considering other firms with which to partner, but that phone call sealed the deal. Even after 11 years in the business, this was a radical message to Chris.

“No other firm had approached me about how to grow my practice and how to leverage technology to make it more efficient,” she says. “I left my meeting with Shannon with a newfound energy about what I did for a living—which was something I had already loved.”

A Platform that Supports Growth

Chris integrated with RFG in 2017. Now, she says, she has found the platform she needed to scale her business and focus on her personal and professional passions.

“What stayed the same once I partnered with RFG was the relationship I have with my clients,” she explains.

“What changed, though, is the amount of time I can pour into developing those relationships and new ones.” The combination of RFG’s seasoned home office team and its state-of-the-art technology stack facilitated that shift for Chris.

Other firms may offer comparable technology, Chris acknowledges, but she doubts many others provide the assistance and attention that’s come to characterize her relationship with RFG.

Supporting Personal and Professional Passions

RFG showcases its respect for Chris’ passions through its support of her involvement with StrongHer Money. As co-creator of StrongHer Money, Chris leads multiple women’s financial planning events throughout the year.

“We get together and talk about money in a way that’s not intimidating,” says Chris. “One woman will open up and tell a story, and that will resonate with another woman, and before you know it, everyone is sharing and talking about their experiences. And there’s something so powerful and magical and beautiful about it, and it’s certainly a passion of mine.”

That passion has grown and evolved with RFG’s support, and it’s helped shape Chris into the professional she is today. RFG has continued to champion this passion project over the past five years.

“I use RFG’s in-house investment platform, which is a huge time saver
for me,” says Chris. “By leveraging this platform, I gain access to an allocated budget to support my marketing efforts, which I’ve chosen to use to offset costs for my StrongHer Money events. RFG is literally putting money behind the growth of my practice.”

Starting with Yes

In Chris’ experience, RFG backs any growth-oriented initiative—even those other firms might not. For example, Chris obtained her designation as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst during the pandemic.

“Other firms might consider that an outside business activity,” she says. “But if it has to do with growth, RFG will find a way to support it. That’s the beauty of RFG. The answer doesn’t start with ‘no,’ like in a lot of places. It starts with ‘let’s see how we can do that.’”

In Chris’ estimation, the team is the best part of affiliation with RFG. “A team of people interested in my success was something I had never experienced before,” she says. “RFG is a group of really good people that are interested in growing and sharing ideas. That’s what we do—and there’s just something magical about it.”

Would Chris recommend RFG to another financial advisor?

“Without a doubt,” she says. “RFG is the best firm no one has heard about yet.”

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