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RFG Advisory President, Shannon Spotswood, Featured at ‘Mentoring Monday’ Event

March 23, 2017

Conquer Your Career – See You At The Top

 Join the Birmingham Business Journal on April 3rd for this one-of-a-kind event that brings together women in a casual, fast-paced coaching atmosphere. 

Shannon Spotswood, President, RFG Advisory Group, knows first-hand the importance of having a strong mentor.

“Mentoring Monday is my kind of fun.  Smart women, networking and collaborating to lift each other up.  I am honored to be a Mentor and cannot imagine a better way to spend my day.  My first job after college, I was lucky enough to have an exceptional mentor.  I worked for a hedge fund in San Francisco and the lead portfolio manager was a woman.  This is back in the early 1990s when hedge funds were few and female portfolio managers even more rare.  She was a mentor in every sense of the word – supportive, challenging, demanding and encouraging.  I truly believe that her mentorship set me on the career path I enjoy today.”

This event is one of 43 that is being held by Business Journals all over the country involving about 8,600 women who will be mentored and another 1,700 women mentors. That means nearly 10,000 of the best and brightest women from Albany to Honolulu are taking part in strengthening the community of strong business women in America.

The event will offer the opportunity to choose from 40 mentors who are the most influential women in the business community for one-on-one coaching sessions for seven minute conversations. The attendees will stand in line and wait for a particular mentor or move to the next mentor available. This will allow the attendees to network with each other while they are waiting, which is just as important as the coaching sessions. We expect every attendee to have the opportunity to meet between one and seven mentors. The quick turnaround is organized chaos which will be fast, fun and fulfilling as everyone gets the chance to meet new people and gain new insights.