Tech for Tech’s Sake is ‘No Good to Anyone’: RFG Advisory President, Shannon Spotswood

Shannnon Spotswood impressed at National LINC 2020 as a part of a break-out session ‘Cutting Edge or Bleeding Edge?’ alongside Joel Bruckstein, Heather Fortner, and Teri Shepard. The hour long discussion focused on the growth of technology in the financial space, bringing about major positives but also some shortcomings. writer, Jeff Burman, highlighted Spotswood’s remarks during the session in his new article ‘Tech for Tech’s Sake is ‘No Good to Anyone”

“Technology for technology’s sake is no good to anyone,” Shannon Spotswood, president of RFG Advisory, a hybrid RIA that started in 2003, told attendees. “It is not going to provide any efficiency [and] it is not going to give your clients a differentiated experience,” she said.

Reflecting back, she pointed out there was a decision a few years back to rebuild her firm “from the ground floor up.” While doing that, she said her company had to decide “who are we as a company” and “what are our values,” and it was decided the firm was a “service company first, we’re a technology company second and we’re an RIA third.” She noted: “The order of those was so incredibly important.”

Jeff Burman,

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