The Top 5 Things Advisors Should Learn from Navy SEALs

It’s gut-check time. Your future success depends on your ability to confront today’s reality and take action towards your goals. It’s not easy, and it requires more than most are willing to give. 

Welcome to an arena that requires the principles embraced on the shores of Coronado Beach. A warrior heart doesn’t just pound sand at a steady pace, it embraces challenges day after day – pushing past boundaries never imagined.

What powers their ability to get up and dig in time again? It’s not just one quality, but a set of well-developed skills that creates a world-class leader. We’re breaking down a few of them here:


Let’s reframe this as two words: Mind | Set. As Navy SEAL veteran Dom Raso says, “It’s going to pull you through your toughest moments for the rest of your life.” Digging deep sets the foundation for everything else. Things will get hard, but if your mind is laser focused on what you’re going to achieve, it will help you direct your actions for the rest of the day, the rest of the month, the rest of your life.

Dom confronted reality and honed his mind set while in the field. Knowing that the most important thing was coming home, being a better father, partner, human – that’s what grounded him and set his will to carry on. In micro-moments, faced with life and death, the mindset that brought you here must also power you through.

This requires not only willingness to improve but also a deeper awareness of what you want  to accomplish. Warriors Advisors should visualize their ideal outcome and employ the mindset to achieve it. 

2.Fear: It’s holding you back.

It’s a debilitating emotion that limits an advisor’s success. It creates space for a negative decision-making process. Fear shows up when we approach change, the unknown, the potential loss of clients or AUM – and it’s got to be crushed. 

Whether it’s a fear of transition, succession, growth, or failure, there are ways to overcome. Mindset is one thing that can carry you past this, but there are others as well. Awareness, preparation, and purpose give you strength to punch through the pain.

3.Stay motivated.

Eliminate those barriers. Building a community of like-minded, brave, bold, leaders and doers is a powerful strategy for overcoming plateaus. We need not be reminded that burn-out is a real problem in this industry. Even the most impassioned advisors benefit from an infusion of motivation. But where does this energy come from.

It’s why we built a community of like-minded “A-Players” at RFG. Our Advisors draw on each others’ strengths, inspiring success stories and lessons learned to maintain their drive for achieving their goals.

4.Do what it takes.

Hard stuff happens every day. But the only way to improve is to confront your fear and become COMFORTABLE being uncomfortable. Did you know most people would rather change their beliefs than change their habits? Not Warrior Advisors.

5. Build your team.
Intentionality can set the tone and pace, but you’ve got to put in the work. Dom Raso talks about the Rule of 5 as a guiding principle: who are the top five people you respect and associate with, and how do they demonstrate the way to act, speak and grow?

To build the right team, you need to have awareness of who is around you. Selecting the right partners to have at your side is critical for rounding out your strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, you should push each other in ways that enable you to become force multipliers for each other.

Forming an exceptional advisory business is no small feat. Where you spend your time and how you apply it can make or break your success. No one knows this more than our community of Warrior Advisors. Our obsessive focus on your success makes us an ideal home for those looking to get 1% better every day. If this sounds like you – let’s talk.

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