FAQs: Conquer The Unknown

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Yes. 100% Your Clients, Your Data.
If you aren’t passionate about building your own brand, we aren’t a good fit!
Yes. Let’s talk about your unique situation.

You are a good fit if you are an:

  • Advisor who want to grow organically
  • Advisor who knows your time is valuable and resents wasting it
  • Advisor who has a growth mindset
  • Advisor who is an entrepreneur
  • Advisor who believes their brand matters
  • Advisor who wants to build enterprise value on their personal balance sheet and you are not a check chaser

90 days start-to-finish. Depending on how much data you can take and how engaged you are in the process, the timeframe can be shorter or longer. Good news is that 90 days from today you would be DONE and, on your way, to building enterprise value in your firm, for your family, on your personal balance sheet.

90 days of doing something hard and the rest of your career building your firm without compromise. Trust us, it’s worth it! You’ll wish you’d done it sooner.

6 weeks at a minimum, 8 weeks is ideal But let’s be real, sometimes life comes at you fast and that timeline isn’t feasible. We’ve got your back and have successfully executed a transition with only a weeks notice.

Advisory: 100% pay-out

RFG charges a platform fee for all services provided to you to grow your business, serve your clients, handle asset management and trading and manage your team.

Brokerage & Financial Planning: 85% pay-out

Yes. We have a dedicated team of transition specialists that handle the paperwork preparation and execution for you.

  1. Will my clients come with me
  2. Lost income
  3. Stress of repapering


Based on our experience, since 2020 on average our Advisors have seen +100% of their estimated client assets transition

We can offer 3 months of support to ease the financial worry during the transition. After that, you are off to the races. The economics of independence are far better than what you have today

If someone tells you a transition is easy, RUN because they are lying to you. It’s a lot of work, but our team of professionals will be in the trench with you to get it done. 


RFG is a platform for independent, growth-minded Advisors.

Are you ready to crush it?


Learn more about joining RFG or a RFG partner firm by talking to RFG’s Business Development Specialist, Kristy Puckett or Terry Bobo. After all, it’s just a conversation — not a commitment, right? You may call Kristy at 205.218.6962 or email her at kpuckett@rfgadvisory.com. You can also call Terry at 205.881.5991 or email him at tbobo@rfgadvisory.com. Unleash your growth potential by becoming an independent Advisor affiliated with RFG.

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