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Because when you create something that’s uniquely yours, you do it with passion. And from passion comes growth and success.

At RFG Advisory, we look at Advisor practice growth through a different lens. We know it’s not just about client referrals and leads from centers of influence. We take a step back and truly identify what sets your practice apart and how you want to connect and serve clients. We then build brands, prospecting platforms, print and digital collateral, as well as social media campaigns to support it.
We specialize in helping our partner Advisors create their brands, develop insightful marketing strategies and bring their visions to life. And we’ve seen time and time again that these tools really do fuel growth. Our partner Advisors have leveraged their expertise combined with carefully crafted marketing tools to establish thriving, growing practices.

Lemzar Capital

At Lemzar Capital, our focus is creating innovative financial strategies tailored to our clients’ unique individual needs. We pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box and bringing solutions to the table that others do not. Our results speak for themselves.

Volare Wealth

At Volare Wealth, we’re passionate about helping our clients. But this goes way beyond their portfolio. We care about the whole person, the whole family, and overall financial and personal well-being. We’re courageous, determined, and we hold our clients accountable.
Four Seasons

Four Seasons Wealth Management

Four Seasons is the product of passion. Steve Wedel’s passion. After three decades in the business, he didn’t decide to slow down. Steve decided to channel his passion into his new, independent practice and grow on his own.

Resolute Wealth Management

We believe there is little certainty in the short-term, but much is available in the long-term. We don’t know what the markets will do this month or this year, but we do know short-term stock market volatility should have no impact on your long-term success. Our thoughtfully designed financial plans deliver long-term stability in the sea of today’s unknown regardless of the month’s latest economic numbers or the market’s response.

Navipath Financial

Dedicated professionals like you deal with competing priorities: family, patients, business, personal time, etc. At the end of the day, you often have important things left undone, such as your own personal financial planning: tax mitigation strategies, protection, succession and retirement planning.
Plan. Invest. Inspire.


WFA is focused on you and the life you want to live today and tomorrow. Through thoughtful financial life planning and professionally managed investment portfolios, we work side-by-side with you throughout your life’s journey. We call it Plan. Invest. Inspire.

Sable Point Wealth Management

Michael Heckman had long-standing ties to his Western Michigan community. In fact, his grandfather had been the keeper of the Big Sable Point Lighthouse. Through the creation of the Sable Point brand, Heckman was able to create a practice that genuinely reflects who he is and what he’s passionate about.

Willow Private Wealth

Strengthening your roots. Fostering growth. Preparing for the future. Tomorrow will be here before you know it. College, weddings, grandchildren, retirement. Will you be ready? You’re busy. But the future isn’t something you can put off. You need to be ready. At Willow Private Wealth, we’re here to do the planning, managing, monitoring and executing for you.

Are you ready to crush it?


Learn more about joining RFG or a RFG partner firm by talking to RFG’s Business Development Specialist, Kristy Puckett or Terry Bobo. After all, it’s just a conversation — not a commitment, right? You may call Kristy at 205.218.6962 or email her at kpuckett@rfgadvisory.com. You can also call Terry at 205.881.5991 or email him at tbobo@rfgadvisory.com. Unleash your growth potential by becoming an independent Advisor affiliated with RFG.

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