RFG Foundational Pillars

Tightly integrated platform of best-of-breed wealth-tech solutions, driving operational efficiencies for advisors and a modern experience for clients

Asset Management:
Institutional-caliber Bluemonte turnkey asset management platform offering highly customized portfolio design, concierge trading services and direct access and partnership to the investment team to serve clients and convert prospects

Dedicated community of growth-oriented advisors and team members focused on building the RIA of the future

Capital and Transition Support:
Access to flexible capital solutions to help advisors transition to independence, execute succession plans, execute M&A and invest in organic growth


Why we’re one of the fastest-growing Advising firms in the industry.*

Market Opportunity

Clients want more from their Advisors. Organic growth is slowing. Average Age for Advisors and Clients is 60+ years. And Yet Demand is Increasing with the Generational Wealth Transfer. Supported Independence positions you to Win the Future.

RFG Value Proposition

RFG offers a comprehensive platform and service offering designed to address advisor’s key pain points and introduce operational efficiencies, allowing them to focus on growing their practices and building their success.

Advisor Feedback

We have delivered on our value proposition, resulting in industry-leading Net Promotor Scores and excellent feedback from our advisors. This feedback allows us to continue to grow and adapt in our space successfully.

AUM / Advisor Growth

RFG helps advisors accelerate their growth through dedicated marketing support and practice management, with numerous examples of 2x+ practice growth on our platform

Advisor Snapshot

The average age of our advisors is 48 years old. We have 100+ Advisors throughout the US, predominately located in the Southeast and Midwest.

Advisor Net Retention

If you own 100% of your client data, your brand and your enterprise value and your partner wins when you win, why would you leave?

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