RFG Advisory is an RIA built to support independent advisors

How RFG Advisory Supports Top Producing
Advisors, Serving High Net Worth Clients.

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"It’s a completely different culture, one that is client-centric culture where doing the right thing by the client is the first priority..." – Tim Banks, Independent Advisor

How RFG Advisory Supports Entrepreneurs
and Your Business.

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"I could never have jumped through all the compliance hoops and created a turn-key financial wellness solution, that I think is pretty amazing, without RFG Advisory’s full support"
Travis Freeman, Independent Advisor


More advisors are going independent than ever before. Why is that?

The benefits of being an independent financial advisor are many. In addition to monetizing the value of the practice you built, independent advisors can deliver customized, client-focused support, as well as increased flexibility, and a more entrepreneurial spirit. And independent advisors who join RFG Advisory get access to an infrastructure and a support system that is already in place.

"Be in Business for yourself, Not By Yourself."

Bobby White, Founder

You won't have to invent the wheel but you also won't have to worry about quotas or being held to the demands of proprietary products. Instead, RFG Advisory will enable you to deliver a more wide-ranging investment portfolio for your clients. As a recent advisor who joined us said, "RFG Advisory meant going independent without the hassles of being on my own."


What you get from us is a dedicated team that can help you grow your practice, access to wide-ranging investment solutions for your clients and the opportunity to keep more of the money you earn.

  • + Designed for Advisors and their families Succession Planning
  • + A culture that embraces entrepreneurial thinking and practices
  • + Clients are our first priority

  • + In-house Chief Investment Officer & Investment Team
  • + In-house Compliance team
  • + In-house marketing experts to help with branding and social media

  • + Integrated technology platform to deliver efficiency & scalability into your practice
  • + Multi Custodian: LPL Financial & TD Ameritrade


Every advisory practice looks different and so does every succession plan. RFG Advisory collaborated with its partners to design a succession plan that fit the entire team – founders, advisors and staff – and benefitted the client.

St. Louis + Naples
Four Seasons Wealth Management (www.4swm.com)

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"RFG Advisory respects that each advisor is running an independent business. They treat you as an independent business and are working for you. Partnering with RFG was a win-win for my practice and all the advisors at FSWM" – Steve Wedel, Founding Partner

Shreveport, Louisiana
Williams Financial Advisors (www.williamsfa.com)

"RFG Advisory was a great fit for our firm. We have a values-driven culture and so does RFG Advisory. Trust, integrity, experience and putting people first is a common language we share."- Tommy Williams, President


RFG Advisory has a team dedicated to your transition. We’ve built a step-by-step process that we customize to fit your practice and is best for your clients. Every step of the way we work with you to make your transition a success.


It's a lot of paperwork.  We can help you with that. 


Trust yourself. Your clients don’t have a relationship with a firm; they have a relationship with you. We take the time to help you fully prepare your clients for the move by communicating before, during and after the transition period.


Developing an exit strategy is an important first step – especially if you have a non-compete clause in place with your current employer or broker dealer. RFG Advisory and LPL will help you identify and deal with any potential legal hurdles involved with your transition, and can also provide referrals to outside legal counsel, if needed.