Be in business for yourself, not by yourself.

Creative solutions to help you either move your business to RFG, buy other advisory businesses once part of our network, or construct a succession plan for when you are ready to monetize your business.
Increase your enterprise value to create a legacy.
World class integrated technology to drive efficiency and scale.
Your vision articulated, visualized, then amplified with modern marketing methods.
Back office functions like account openings, compliance, administrative assistance, and more…
Institutional grade investment management solutions curated for your clients.
A family of like-minded advisors to connect with, network with, and learn from.

All of the tools and
support — none of the limits.

Transition Support

Creative Capital Solutions to Support Your Growth

Together, through RFG Capital, we can explore ‘the art of the possible’ to craft a transition and/or succession plan that meets your unique needs. Whether that means you are first transitioning to RFG, an existing advisor seeking to buy another advisory business, or seeking to structure a buy-out succession plan with your next generation of advisors, RFG stands ready to help you in the strategic planning and the tactical execution. “I was able to quickly and accurately transition my book of business to RFG in under two months and repay my existing loans shortly thereafter”, RFG Advisor.

Build Your Net Worth

Joining RFG means you have supported independence—the freedom and flexibility to build your business, your way with our help. You have full control of your business. You own your clients, your data, and your destiny. We are here to help you increase your net worth by assisting you with defining what you want and then getting there. Put simply, you are building an asset of value that you own while doing what you love.

State of the Art Technology

RFG has pioneered technology preparedness. With innovation in our DNA, in 2015 we embarked on a mission to build the RIA of the future. Driven by a deep understanding of financial advisors’ needs, we knew advisors needed control of their practice with an unwavering focus on their existing clients and an eye towards prospecting for new clients. Advisors need a future untethered from an office, unconstrained from back office minutia, and the ability to work and thrive from anywhere. Our prevailing integrated technology platform will drive scale and efficiency into your practice freeing you up to focus on propelling your growth without being mired down by antiquated systems. The future is now!
Branding & Marketing

Amplifying your brand has never been easier.

When you join RFG, our team of marketing specialists will help you uncover your unique value proposition. We empower you to keep your brand and help you amplify that vision. Through thoughtful planning and detailed execution, we will help you relaunch your marketing efforts leveraging modern designs and the latest digital marketing tactics.

Pathfinder, a multi-channel digital marketing and communications platform, is designed to enable RFG Advisory’s financial advisors to plan and execute highly-personalized and authentic marketing campaigns to win new clients while deepening engagement with existing clients, all through a user-friendly website that is scalable, efficient and consolidated.

In addition, RFG advisors all enjoy a robust marketing budget to use on additional marketing activities like SEO, SEM, events, referral programs and more. Amplifying your brand has never been easier or more professional.

Operational Support

Our ops team has your back. We serve as the front-line problem solvers between you, your team, our custodians and tech vendors. Complex case? Need help with paperwork? Collateralized lending? Call us. There is not an operational question or task that we can’t handle. Working with all the major custodians gives you choices to pick what’s best for your clients. Having RFG on your side means real-time, accurate solutions.
You pick the real estate, and we take care of the rest — from IT infrastructure to desktop support, we handle it all for you. Cybersecurity, cloud computing, collaborative work tools, hardware, software — we’ve got you covered.
RFG handles all Advisory asset client billing. You have the option to work with clients on a traditional asset management capacity and charge for financial planning, consulting and managing held-away assets. Solicitation agreements allow you to work with centers of influence (CPAs, estate attorneys, etc.) and compensate them for leads.
RFG Advisory has built a future-oriented tech platform and supports it with a robust training program. We deliver training through 1-1 coaching, RFG University, RFG Mentorship, a quarterly training schedule and RFGInsider—a cloud-based platform (Sharepoint) that is the ultimate “how, what, where” dynamic resource center. Our goal is to customize training programs to meet you and your team’s needs and give you the knowledge and tools you require to deliver an unparalleled experience to your clients and drive practice growth through time optimization.
We all have the same 24 hours in the day, but it is how we spend our time that determines our long-term success and happiness. RFG coaching is designed to help maximize our Advisors’ most valuable resource – their time. We design each coaching engagement based on the goals and needs of the Advisor and their team. We start with a deep dive and from there put together a customized game plan for hitting milestones and measuring progress. RFG Coaching is designed to help you Be the CEO, not the COO.
Compliance shouldn’t be about roadblocks and the word “NO.” We approach your compliance needs from an entrepreneurial and consultative mindset to help you confidently navigate its complexities. Supported by outside counsel and a team of compliance consultants, RFG advises and works alongside you to help your practice and your clients thrive. Our robust technology platform enables us to commit to a responsive turn-around time for marketing review, streamlined reporting and efficient processes. It’s compliance the way it should be – Advisor focused.
Designed to maximize the time Advisors and their team spends on growing their business and serving clients while minimizing the time spent on non-revenue generating activities, RFG Talent can handle all of your administrative assistant and W2 employee needs. As you grow, we help you to expand your team with new hire screening, onboarding, training and best practice management. The best part is, we handle all the details from healthcare and retirement benefits, to hiring and training, to payroll and beyond. Let us help you build your dream team.

Investment Management with Bluemonte

The Bluemonte Investment Platform has been designed to deliver institutional-caliber investment management with concierge services; freeing up your time to focus on deepening engagement with your existing clients and growing your business.

Servant Heart Community

We are knit together by a Servant Heart culture and a #CrushEverything mindset. When you join our award-winning platform, you get more than cutting-edge technology and a first-class service experience you get a Community of Advisors passionately committed to getting 1% better every day. If you are looking to be a part of something special… Join Us as we build the RIA of the future together!

“It’s been 16 months since I associated with RFG, and my appreciation for what you all do continues to grow every month. I am so proud to be associated with you. Thank for all of your hard work, your support, and your inspiration. I’m just a little fish in a big pond up here in Cincinnati, but RFG makes me feel like I can achieve anything I want to. I brag about you guys all the time, and I hope I can send some advisors your way.”

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