Breaking Through Growth Barriers in Wealth Management with Samuel Deane and Dr. Preston Cherry

How can financial advisors unleash their growth potential in the ever-changing landscape of the wealth management industry?

Today on The Disruption Blueprint Podcast, Shannon Spotswood interviews Samuel Deane of Deane Wealth Management, who specializes in serving founders and tech employees with equity compensation and tax planning, and Dr. Preston Cherry of Concurrent Financial Planning, who focuses on Gen X and high-income earners.

They discuss the challenges and opportunities in wealth management, emphasizing personalized financial planning and the role of advisors as life guides. Their conversation also covers generational wealth transfer, niche-focused practices, and effective marketing strategies to attract and connect with clients.

Talking points include:

  • Their recent panel discussion at Tiburon
  • Samuel Dean’s journey of starting and growing Dean Wealth Management
  • Dr. Cherry’s background and the focus of Concurrent Financial Planning
  • Challenges and opportunities for growth in the wealth management industry
  • The importance of personalized financial planning and addressing evolving client needs
  • The future role of financial advisors as comprehensive financial life advisors
  • The impact of generational wealth transfer and the value of aligning life and money
  • Why marketing and branding strategies are so important for niche-focused practices
  • Understanding and addressing the unique needs of different generations in financial planning
  • And more!


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About our Guests:

Dr. Preston Cherry is a Wealth Advisor and the Founder and CEO of Concurrent Financial Planning. Preston specializes in empowering individuals to share stories that inform their life’s design to achieve financial freedom and well-being. He aims to help you find life and money alignment, giving your money assignment. Dr. Cherry is an award-winning financial advisor, renowned personal finance speaker, founder, podcaster, and professor to next-generation financial planning professionals. Preston has over 15 years of financial services and academic experience, including financial planning and investment management, published research in top journals, often cited and authors in recognized personal finance publications, and extensive leadership in the planning profession. When Preston is not focusing on your journey towards confidently conquering Life Money Balance®, you can find him listening to his vinyl record collection, spending time with his wife, and happily expecting their first child.

Samuel Deane is a financial advisor and President of Deane Wealth Management, a registered investment advisor for founders and tech employees. The wealth management firm specializes in financial planning, investment management, tax planning, and equity compensation. After spending some time working in an industry traditionally reserved for wealthy retirees, Samuel realized that he could provide wealth management and financial planning services more efficiently for his generation. He has worked with clients from well-known companies like Stripe, Coinbase, Airbnb, Spotify, Twilio, Etsy, and more.  Samuel is a coveted speaker and loves spreading his wisdom on entrepreneurship, personal finance, and smart investing to his community.


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