From Insurance BD to 4X Growth in Independence with Wes Miller

Welcome back to another episode of the Disruption Blueprint Podcast!

If you’re a financial advisor navigating the challenges of the insurance channel and contemplating a shift to independence, Wes Miller’s transformative journey is a must-listen on the Disruption Blueprint podcast.

Wes Miller, Partner and Wealth Management Advisor at Willow Private Wealth, spent the majority of his career at a large Captive Insurance BD, building a good size practice. Two years ago, he and his business partner, Casey Marshall, broke away to build their own firm at RFG Advisory.

In this episode, Wes shares the game-changing insights that propelled his practice to 4x growth within two years of making the leap to independence. From overcoming initial fears to building a powerful brand and experiencing unprecedented client satisfaction, Wes discusses the pivotal moments that defined his success. Hear about his experience on transitioning to RFG, executing with precision, and enjoying newfound freedom while building enduring client relationships.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration or practical guidance, this podcast provides a blueprint for Advisors ready to unleash their growth potential and redefine their professional journey.

Key Points:

  • Introduction (00:03)
  • Who is Wes Miller? (00:43)
  • Why transition to Independence (02:03)
  • Overcoming Fear of the Unknown (03:31)
  • Driving Organic Growth Through the Client Experience (05:35)
  • RFG’s Execution of the Transition (07:45)
  • Building a Brand Matters (09:47)
  • Supported Independence and RFG Platform (11:59)
  • Building Your Business in Independence vs. Insurance Channel (14:06)
  • Client Value and Relationship Building (18:05)
  • Surprises in Entrepreneurial Journey (19:09)
  • Impact on Personal Life (20:26)
  • Closing Remarks (22:14)

 More About Wes Miller

Wes was introduced to the financial world through his father, who is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He became passionate about financial planning as he worked with an advisor preparing for his own financial future. This fasciation with what’s possible through planning led him to pursue a career in the profession. Today, he loves helping his clients work toward their financial goals.

Wes and his wife, Jessica, have one son named Avery and live in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. Jessica is the Executive Director of the Alabama Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, and the family is regularly engaged in Alzheimer’s awareness and fundraising activities. They are also active with their church. Wes is an avid sports fan and enjoys being outdoors as much as possible.


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