Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Inspiring Others with Nicole Middendorf

How can financial advisors take themselves and their practices a step further to unleash their growth potential?

In this episode, Shannon Spotswood hosts Nicole Middendorf, the CEO of Prosperwell Financial, to talk about the power of stepping out of your comfort zone and the value of authenticity in financial advising.

Nicole shares her personal journey, including her experience of going viral on LinkedIn and creating her ‘Live It List.’ Listen in as Nicole uncovers the importance of promoting women in the financial services industry and the need for advisors to be more inclusive and attentive to female clients.

Nicole discusses:

  • Her journey of creating and rebranding her ‘Live It List’
  • The value of stepping out of our comfort zone and embracing discomfort for personal growth
  • The scarcity versus abundance mindset and the power of gratitude
  • How marketing and building a LinkedIn following can benefit financial advisors
  • Why authenticity and personalization are crucial in financial advising
  • What advisors can do about the disconnect between women and the financial industry
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Nicole Middendorf is a Wealth Advisor, CEO of Prosperwell Financial, Author, Speaker, and Media Guest. Nicole is a knowledge junkie, mentor, and a born coach. She is an entrepreneur who has run her own business since 2003. Nicole is the author of five books and the mother of two phenomenal children. She is also a world traveler, a philanthropist, and an accomplished public speaker.

As a speaker, Nicole shares a real-life perspective on life and happiness with audiences across the country. Her primary goal is to inspire others to make real changes in their lives by taking complicated things, making them easy to understand, and giving actionable items to make change.

Nicole loves to work hard to empower individuals to make crucial, positive changes in their own lives. Nicole’s books have received local and national press coverage. She has become known for her thoughtful concise quotes, relaxed on-air presence, and articulate delivery during radio and television interviews.

The world needs more people—especially women—to be financially savvy, wholly independent, happy, and living a life of balance. Through Nicole’s writing, public speaking, coaching program, and work, she wants to be the one who supports them on all levels.


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