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Dom Raso


One week before the world changed forever with the COVID-19 lock-down, we hosted the annual RFG Advisor Retreat on Captiva Island, Florida March 10-13, 2020. Dom Raso, Veteran Navy Seal Team 6 Warrior and Founder/CEO of Dynamis Alliance joined us as our keynote speaker. Bobby White, RFG Advisory Founder and CEO, has been training with Dom in his civilian warrior program for 4 years and still is today and knew that our Advisors would benefit greatly from Dom’s inspirational and motivational sessions. We didn’t know at the time when we sat down to record this exclusive video series about the "Crush Everything" mindset how truly important the lessons shared would be to Advisors as they look to not just survive, but to thrive.

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Dom & Bobby

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After almost a year, Bobby White and Dom Raso sat down again for a high-energy, live webinar event.

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DOM and Bobby

Dom Raso

Dom Raso

Veteran Navy Seal and Founder/CEO of Dynamis Alliance

Trains and coaches high-performing executives to embrace a winning mindset and lead their companies to the next level.

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Bobby White

Bobby White

Warrior Advisor and Founder/CEO of RFG Advisory

Veteran Financial Advisor who founded RFG Advisory to serve independent Advisors and their clients.

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Become a Warrior Advisor is a publication by RFG Advisory. It’s written by Advisors — for Advisors and is full of actionable guidance and practical tools to help Advisors reach their full potential. There’s no cost to Advisors to download the ebook and the only commitment is to yourself — to become the best Advisor you can be.